Parents Note:

Parents and family play a very important role in building self-esteem and confidence in your child and every child in this league. Players will look to parents and coaches as models for sportsmanship, respect for authority, and positive attitudes.

Parents are expected to teach their children respect for our facility by observing & reinforcing the following policies:

  • Children who are not practicing must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Only players who have practice or games should be on the courts at their designated times.
  • All balls should be used only by teams with practice or game times.
  • Game time should be respected through positive attitudes toward refs and coaches in on-court calls.
  • Please respect devotion time by not taking your player home before the end of the 1 hour practice.
  • Food and beverage are to be kept in the lobby area only.
  • Players may take water into the gym
  • Please park in designated parking spots only. Do not park in handicapped spaces without permits.


  • Practices are automatically canceled if Carman-Ainsworth schools or Central Church activities are canceled due to the weather.  
  • Parents should make their own decision to attend practices or games based on developing weather conditions in their own areas.
  • Individual team practices may be canceled at the discretion of the coach because of weather concerns.
  • GAME CANCELLATIONS will be communicated to the head coaches who will then text or call parents.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of UPWARD is to recognize that "Every Child Is a Winner" by promoting:


To share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone involved in the Upward Ministry.


To help every child grow as Jesus did--spiritually, physically, mentally and socially.


To help every child grow in their understanding and enjoyment of sports.


In Central's Upward Basketball, players are divided according to ability and height, as well as practice availability and coaches' schedules, to create teams of similar talent.  At Central Upward we do our best to take into consideration all given constraints of your schedules as families, each player's skill level, and the availability of our volunteer coaching staff to create balanced teams in the best interest of player development.


According to the MHSAA rules that many of our referees are licensed through, “This will include but is not limited to watches, pierced earrings, barrettes made from hard plastic, leather.”  To further explain, for the safety of all our players NO jewelry is allowed to be worn on court by any player. If a player has a piercing, the jewelry will have to be REMOVED from the piercing in order to participate in the game. This includes NEW PIERCINGS.  Putting tape or any other covering over the jewelry will not be sufficient precaution.  

Because of this, If your player is thinking about getting a new piercing, it would be best to have them wait until the Upward season is over to do so.  Otherwise they will have to remove the jewelry for the 1 hour game, or forfeit their opportunity to play.


Star Awards

Regardless of the score at the end of the game, Upward Basketball players should always leave the gym feeling excited and affirmed for their efforts on game day.  End-of-game awards motivate children to strive to be Christ-like and also refocus the child’s and coach’s attention on sportsmanship and good attitudes instead of on winning.

Distributing the multi-colored stars at the end of a game affirms a child’s effort, encourages him or her to keep playing, and helps reinforce a love of learning over a love of winning. This can be a very special time for the children, as family members sit in on the presentation and cheer as the stars are awarded.

 Blue Star - represents Effort

 Gold Star - represents Sportsmanship

 Silver Star - represents Offense

 Red Star - represents Defense

 White Star - represents Christlikeness

 Green Star - represents Practice Scripture

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