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The purpose of Peak Sports:

  • Recognize “Every Kid is Made in the Image of God"

  • Provide a safe and caring environment for kids and families

  • Create an atmosphere for beginners and advanced players to succeed

In Peak Sports, players are divided according to ability and height, as well as practice availability and coaches' schedules, to create teams of similar talent.  We do our best to take into consideration all given constraints of your schedules as families, each player's skill level, and the availability of our volunteer coaching staff to create balanced teams in the best interest of player development.


Parents Note:

Parents and family play a very important role in building self-esteem and confidence in your child and every child in this league. Players will look to parents and coaches as models for sportsmanship, respect for authority, and positive attitudes.

Parents are expected to teach their children respect for our facility by observing & reinforcing the following policies:

  • Children who are not practicing must have adult supervision at all times.

  • Only players who have practice or games should be on the courts at their designated times.

  • All balls should be used only by teams with practice or game times.

  • Game time should be respected through positive attitudes toward referees and coaches.

  • Please respect devotion time by not taking your player home before the end of the 1 hour practice.

  • Players may take water into the gym

  • Please park in designated parking spots only. Do not park in handicapped spaces without permits.


  • Practices are automatically canceled if Carman-Ainsworth schools or Central Church activities are canceled due to the weather.

  • Parents should make their own decision to attend practices or games based on developing weather conditions in their own areas.

  • Individual team practices may be canceled at the discretion of the coach because of weather concerns.

  • GAME CANCELLATIONS will be communicated to the head coaches who will then text or call parents.


According to the MHSAA rules that many of our referees are licensed through, “This will include but is not limited to watches, pierced earrings, barrettes made from hard plastic, leather.”  To further explain, for the safety of all our players NO jewelry is allowed to be worn on court by any player. If a player has a piercing, the jewelry will have to be REMOVED from the piercing in order to participate in the game. This includes NEW PIERCINGS.  Putting tape or any other covering over the jewelry will not be sufficient precaution.

Special Requests & accomidations

It is important to us that teams are equal and fairly balanced. We will do our best to honor all practice night and time requests. We CANNOT guarantee participants will be on the same team.

Adopt-a-Team Program

Adopting a team means:

  1. Committing to praying for a team, coach, players, and parents all season long.

  2. Attending a team’s game and cheering them on at least once during the season.

  3. Coordinating with a team’s coach to provide a post game snack for one game.

When are Peak Sports games?

  • Every Saturday, between 9am - 5pm

  • Jan. 5th through March 2nd

Can my small group or Sunday school class get involved?

  • Yes! Small Groups and Sunday School Classes pair well with the Adopt-a-Team Program.

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