the heart of the ministry…

Hope for the Fatherless is a ministry of Central Church of the Nazarene, born out of the passion of God’s people, whose hearts have been broken for His fatherless children.  We are driven by God’s commission in James 1:27, “…to look after orphans (and widows) in their distress…”  It is our mission to embrace the 143 million orphans worldwide by connecting His people to the needs of His fatherless, one act of obedience at a time.


Our mission is to provide hope for the fatherless by intersecting the lives of God’s fatherless children with His people to impact the Kingdom one life at a time.

the hands & feet of the ministry…

Our ministry desires to represent the hands and feet of Christ as we connect God’s people to the fatherless through the following service areas:
   • Mentoring families for international & foster care adoption
   • Foster care events
   • Adoption seminars
   • Providing international orphan relief
   • Mission trips
   • Prayer support
   • Resource sharing
   • Educating, inspiring & motivating believers
   • Speaking engagements
   • Orphan advocacy

It is through willing hearts and the faith of a tiny mustard seed that we step out to embrace the masses of children in need of loving Christian homes.  We strive to be an instrument of God to help fulfill God’s promises to the fatherless:
…defend them (Psalm 68:5)
…lead them out (Psalm 82:3-4)
…not to leave them (Psalm 146:9)
…come to them (Psalm 68:5)
…rescue them (John 14:18)

contact us…

We truly believe that God has directed your path to this ministry.  We strive to be His hands and feet and would love to offer our time and resources to get you the answers you are looking for.   Reliable answers are often hard to find and are not always obvious.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or call the church office to leave a message.

Grace & Peace,

Joe & Angie Asperger

Lay Leaders



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