Panama // GO Team 1 // Day 1

What a remarkable first day in Panama.  It began in a prayer meeting like none other!  We had the privilege of joining the pastor's of the district for their monthly meeting.  Our team prayed over them, and they in turn prayed over us.  What a beautiful sound, hearing the prayers of the Panamanian pastors and the Flint Central team crying to God!

From the pastor's meeting we went to the Samaria Church to inspect the worksite and prepare for the soccer outreach event.  We walked from the church, down the steep roads to an outdoor soccer field.  In total, there were over 150 children, teens and adults who attended the event.  We played soccer, shared a Gospel presentation and handed out salvation bracelets.  What a beautiful site, watching our team interact all afternoon long with the children and teens of Samaria!

We had one last stop for the day and that was at a small "fiesta" being held in a parking lot near a large apartment complex in another part of town.  This is an area the Nazarene District hopes to one day have a church.  Right now there is a "mission church" gathering in the complex.  We played games, sang songs, and distributed gift boxes to the children in attendance.  The faces of the children as they opened their gifts were priceless!

One day in, and we are ever convinced that God has led us to this partnership in Panama.  In many ways the prayer meeting in the morning melded our hearts to those of the pastors on the district.  Then our hearts were brought together with the kids and students of Samaria as we ran and played.  How thankful we are to sense God's hand of leading and direction.

- Pastor Andy