Thursday, our team visited the Juan Diaz Church of the Nazarene. Juan Diaz is closer to downtown Panama City, so the drive to the site was not far. Pastor Guillermo Lewis was so kind to the team and everyone who came through his doors. Even serving fresh fruit throughout the day!

Many of the people of Juan Diaz spoke English very well and a lot of the congregants are originally from Jamaica making the language barrier much lower then it usually is.

Being the last day of a medical trip all supplies were beginning to run low. Thankfully everyone was able to receive meds and even reading glasses!

Last night the team gathered for dinner one last time at the district office. It was bittersweet. We love sharing a meal with our Panamanian brothers and sisters but it’s difficult to say goodbye. A devotional was shared by one member of our team, Vicky. Vicky shared some of the things she learned from her time here, as well as places where she saw Jesus at work in the lives of people.

Thinking back over the week I can’t help but be amazed and thankful for how God is at work all over the world but especially in Panama.

Answer to yesterday’s question: How does Heather like to spend her time? Anwser = take a nap!