I think we might have sweated enough to fill a collective bucket. The weather forecast continues to be somewhat true in that showers seem to come in the afternoon but we were soaked before the rains ever came. Consider a one room country church and pack it with more people than you would likely see in a month of Sundays. Going to church today meant dragging in a van full of medications, equipment and eyeglasses and getting set up just in time. Perfect time. God’s time. The people came.  Most of them walked across some distance, along roadways and pathways through this tropical landscape. They came to church, some of them, particularly the kids, to see a doctor for maybe the first time. They were welcomed.  They took a number and waited for too long to see a doctor, one hundred twenty-one of them in an eight hour day, but in that time some of them had chronic diseases discovered and treated, some of them learned of urgent medical needs and at least one of them had an eye injury treated that had caused him some agony for a week.

That’s not all they received.  We loved on them just as our guy in Panama, Eliezel Soto said we should and would.  They loved on us too.  They were grateful to see a doctor.  They sat patiently in that hot room and we all sweated together, a sort of self-generated sauna that we all endured. It was 85 degrees and maybe 90 percent humidity outside but warmer inside with all that love of God being shared together.

We gathered at the hotel upon our return to debrief, have a devotion and talk about our day in general. We looked like and probably smelled a bit after the sauna experience with much of it on our feet, but we laughed. A few tears of joy were shed. We felt God’s presence and felt Him at work through the day. He asked us to come to Panama and we responded. What a way to spend the day.

We’ll do it again tomorrow.

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