Journal and photo credit: Bruce Edwards

It was better today. We all felt that way. Yesterday we sweated our way through they day and came back to the hotel dog tired.  Some of us were sick from the experience of the day or just what we brought with us--some potential bronchitis, a sinus infection and laryngitis. Please pray for us that we heal and stay healthy. We were blessed yesterday and had much joy but we needed a better day. The better day was today. It was a great day. God blessed us in a number of ways. We saw 185 or so patients today on this medical missions trip to the Puerto Caimito Church of the Nazarene in Panama. That’s 60 more than yesterday.

God blessed us by providing two Panamanian doctors to work equally with our team plus Panamanians to work triage and in registration. The temperature was more bearable in the church today and our experience and organization made everything much smoother. Our medical director, Dr. Jack Stoker, expected today to be better just from the history of these trips. We knew it would be a good day early in the day.  God’s blessing moved us with joy as we worked. We know you are praying for us and we cherish those prayers and know the power that God has blessed us with because of them.

Tears of joy came again from the optometry team.  They witnessed the people whose faces lit up because they were able to see and read for the first time in a long time and for a couple to be able to see each other more clearly because of the eyeglasses we brought with us. But there were stories from almost everyone because of the way the Lord used us. There’s joy on the faces of first-time team members who are seeing the blessing of serving God in this way and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Megan Cousins will have stories to tell.  The memories of this trip have forever influenced her life.

We go into tomorrow uplifted by today and anxiously anticipating the Lord working in powerful ways.