Yesterday, we wound through narrow alleys and streets. Our destination? The “Jesus Foundation” in Panama City. The buildings surrounding the foundation were dilapidated and broken down. Water dripped off a roof on one side near the field--its origin was a shower being taken from a man upstairs. The color of said water…green.

We started the day as we always do, gathered around in a circle for prayer. Once we said “Amen”, we went to work. Our work site was constructed on top of a turf soccer field. The green field contrasted well against the surroundings. An oasis in the middle of a desert.

The day started with a very different tone than Wednesday. All the doctors had their stations constructed and ready to go. Their stations were made of tables, pallet wood, and chairs. Being outside posed a bit of a logistical concern, certain equipment would not work properly in the direct sun light. Our team assembled makeshift tables and crafted creative solutions for our sun problem.

The people of the community were very grateful for our presence. Their demeanor was one of thankfulness and joy. I had the pleasure of being near the eye exams. I don’t think I will ever grow tired of witnessing people gain their sight through a simple pair of glasses. Great work was accomplished yesterday!

At the end of the day, a soccer game broke out. Several of our team members participated. The greatest goal was made by our very own Mary Ann Owens!

The day ended with us gathered around tables sharing stories of where we saw Jesus. This night was different. Our support team joined us for dinner! They are the people who interpreted for us all week long and assisted in helping us communicate and run a smooth clinic. They are absolutely integral to the whole process, although their job is mostly a thankless one. We were able to share stories of how we saw Jesus in them and the work they are doing here in Panama. We sang praise songs in Spanish and in English.

The night concluded in prayer, hand in hand.