Flint or Colón

Yesterday we arrived in the city of Colón. It’s located on the Atlantic Ocean side of Panama.  We entered the city and were immediately able to see shipping containers and lots of traffic. Colón is an industrial port town.

The Colón Iglesia del Nazareno was located in a part of the city that has been around for quite awhile. The street we were on was under construction. People couldn’t resist making the joke about Michigan roads and construction.

Colón COTN was by far the cleanest location we have worked at to-date. The pastor there was extremely grateful for our presence. He spoke excellent English, which helped quite a bit when we got busy.

DMV… That’s what comes to mind when I think of our time in Colón. As the day drew on, lines extended longer, wait times crept up, and tensions rose. The mix of heat and dehydration just added to the pressure that everyone was feeling.

Several arguments broke out, but were quickly quelled by a barrage of interpreters and team members. Colón was just a different group of people than we had seen previously. Think, city vs country. Several people tried their luck at the pharmacy by trying to petition for more medications than were prescribed.

I have to be honest. It was a trying day. Day 3 of our trip, exhaustion started to set in for me. I found myself thinking harsher and harsher thoughts. I was increasingly unable to “see the bright side” of things.

Last night, as we set around the table recalling the day and talking about where we saw Jesus. The team reminded me of something as they were sharing. Several people described seeing Jesus in the midst of the chaos of the day. They testified that even though it seemed hopeless, even though we thought that we may never catch up, even though the reality of poverty seems overwhelming, even then…

I saw Jesus today! And that was enough.