So I misplaced my phone… which is not particularly good for multiple reasons:

  • I couldn’t take any pictures of the team!
  • It’s our emergency contact!!
  • And it's valentine’s day!!!

Long story short, it had fallen in between the crack of a seat on the bus we were using. It was fine--unharmed and still charged!! When I retrieved it, I had 16 text messages and 3 missed phone calls. One was my wife saying, “Are you still alive?”

Yesterday, we returned to Caso Blanco Church of the Nazarene where we were greeted by a crowd of eager faces. The day began with unloading boxes and boxes of medications and glasses. The hill was steep near the church. We formed an assembly line to the top with a chain of people. Some Panamanian, some American.

Once we set up for the day, the start was slow. It was a nice change of pace from our frantic “learning curve day” yesterday. Things began to pick up pretty quickly. At the end of day we had seen over 210 people!

It was a great day. I saw Jesus several times throughout the day. An interpreter, doctor, and patient were all gathered around praying right in the middle of a consultation. In another corner of the church, a team member handing a small boy a bottle of water. 

We ended the day gathered around tables at the district office, sharing stories of where we saw Jesus throughout the day. It was a powerful moment when Nicki shared how she had seen Jesus in Elianny through her joy and gracious demeanor, always willing to help and happy about it!

Till tomorrow!

Pastor Joey