I Love Mondays

Monday our team woke up well rested and ready to go! We hopped on our bus at 8am and headed for our first assignment. When we arrived at Cabuyita Church of the Nazarene, people were already starting to gather. There were tents constructed outside to shade people from the sun while they waited.

The people of Cabuyita were very sweet. They were patient and kind as we began to set up for the day. Monday can be described as Dr. Stoker would say “a training day”. Everyone had their station and everyone was ready to go.

●      Step 1 Registration

●      Step 2 Take Vitals

●      Step 3 See Doctor

●      Step 4 See Vision Doctor (If applicable)

●      Step 5 See Pharmacy

●      Step 6 Pray

I was fortunate to meet several Panamanian families. I was able to pray for them and carry on very small conversations.

A guy by the name of Sergio was standing in the doorway with a beautiful little boy. I approached him and started talking with him. Come to find out he is the same age as me and with 2 kids as well. He introduced me to his son Jacob.

Through talking and A LOT of google translate, he explained that he was in the church band as their drummer and was the youth leader sometime ago. He also said that he was going to be married next week! I asked Sergio if we could pray together with his family and he was delighted that I asked. We gathered around, in the room adjacent to the clinic, with his 2 children and his soon to be wife and prayed together. Sergio and I are now Facebook friends and we look forward to the day when our two families can meet.

The rest of the day was filled with filling prescriptions, evaluating patients' needs, taking vitals, coloring with children while they waited, playing 4 square, and praying with precious people.

In the afternoon of the day, we gathered together one last time. We shared in prayer with the pastor of the congregation at Cabuyita and were able to bless her ministry with a gift.

The evening ended by sharing stories of how we saw Jesus throughout our day and eating together at the Central Panama District Offices.

There is something special about ending your day at the table with your team. Everyone is very different, much like the people we saw that day in Panama, but we all serve the same Jesus.

-       Pastor Joey