Hey to everyone back home! We have arrived in Panama without any problems.  We made it through customs, which was a great blessing. It is amazing there is such a calm and a peace about this trip.

Sunday we woke up and had breakfast together at the hotel. We prepared to load the bus for Pasa Blanco Church of the Nazarene. On our first excursion out in daylight, it was incredible to see the Panamanian landscape. Some said it reminded them of Florida, others said it reminded them of the Carribean.

On our way to Pasa Blanco there were several things we saw that you “probably” wouldn’t see in Michigan:

●      An elevated railway under construction

●      Wild cows walking down the middle of the road

●      Brush fire on the side of the road

●      Trash… Everywhere. On the side of the road especially.

●      Cinder-block houses

●      1 lane roads that are meant for 2 cars

Our time at Pasa Blanco was wonderful. Eliezel, Panama Work & Witness coordinator, told our team that this church hasn’t seen a team in 12 years! They were ecstatic to have a team come and join them for service.

Our service started with the history and story behind the church. We enjoyed a slideshow of all of the children who were in service. They shared a wonderful song they had prepared.

Next, our team took the platform to do our best rendition of “Padre, te adore” (Father I adore you). With Matthew and Rebecca Chema leading us, our resident Spanish experts, I believe the song came across well. We then led into “How Great is our God” in English. The congregation enjoyed the song, lots of smiles and head nods.

I (Pastor Joey) had the privilege of bringing the morning message. I believe it was received well. We discussed the unity Paul speaks of in Ephesians chapter 4. It’s amazing the unity we shared with our Panamanian brothers and sisters.

Only the person of Jesus Christ can bring so many different cultures and customs together in harmony. The Espiritu (Spirit) is at work in Panama. Excited for our medical work to start tomorrow!