PANAMA // GO TEAM 5 // DAYS 2 & 3

Apologies for the tardy post! We have been experiencing slow internet issues at the hotel.


Day #2 (MONDAY)

Written by: Addison Gildner

Hola! Today was a very fun/hot day at La Chorrera. I learned a lot and I will share what I learned with you. Some of the adults helped outside with construction, while I helped in the kindergarten classroom and did painting.

  • First, I learned/noticed that we have so much and we still want more. In Panama they are just happy with what they have. I kept thinking about Flint, MI compared to Panama because we want more, and I felt bad that some of the places we went to were near the dump. It’s sad that they have to be near that and so on.
  • Another thing is that in the poorest parts they have to walk to get water. In America we can just turn on the faucet. 
  • I will say that Panama is a loving country. I know that because as soon as I got there I got kisses from the adults and hugs from the kindergarten classes. Does America do that?
  • Today we did some painting and at first it was not going that fast, then I just prayed and I took a little break and when I got done it was almost finished. So I believe God works in great ways!


Day #3 (TUESDAY)

Written by: Gary Cousins

One of my favorite lines from the old Larnelle Harris - Sandi Patty song "I've Just Seen Jesus" is "I've just seen Jesus, and I'll never be the same again...." I know that I'll never be the same again after being to Panama!! 

Today, when we arrived at church, the team split up into a couple of different group did a little painting. Yesterday, while we were doing cement work, a group worked on priming some wrought iron grating that will go into window spaces on the side of their new dining area. Today, that wrought iron received a coat of white paint! Tomorrow, it will receive a second coat, and then, they will be put into place.

While we were painting, some of our team was doing a puppet show of the prodigal son for the kindergartners that meet there at the church. As moms picked up their kindergartners, they had the opportunity to work on a craft!

Just as important as the projects that we are working on are the relationships that are being built with the members of the church - - both young and old!! Though language is a small barrier, the smiles, the laughter, and the joy that we have seen translates in any language!