Panama Medical Mission Day 5

Panama Mission Trip Day 5

La Pesa

The La Pesa Church of the Nazarene is at the top of a hill on a dirt and rock road (actually calling it a "road" is an insult to most roads, even Michigan roads).  It was an adventure just getting to the church, but when we pulled up to the church we were greeted by clapping from the 75 or so children that were already waiting to see the doctor.  From such a welcome we knew we were in for another wonderful day.  

It was busy, hot, crowded and glorious day at La Pesa.  We set a new Central Medical Mission record by seeing 180 patients today.  Bringing our four day total to 588 patients!  As always, the people were thankful and happy to see the doctors.  

We ended the day with dinner with the team from Michigan and the Panamanian folks that helped us throughout the week.  What a wonderful time for our partnership.  Honestly, the medical clinics could not have gone better.  So many people were helped!  Our Panamanian friends worked hard alongside of us and, as always, it was hard to say good-bye. 

Friday we will do a bit of sightseeing and on Saturday we come home!  

It's been a great week in Panama!