Panama Medical Mission Day 4

Panama Medical Mission Day 4


Don't Underestimate God (Part 1):  The Regional Director of the Ministry of Public Health came by today and worked at the Clinic in Espave.  (Yes, the same Ministry of Public Health that was unsure if they should allow our medicines in last week).  She was very thankful for what was happening at the clinics and informed us that in her region there is 12,000 people and 3 doctors.  She was very glad for the help!

Don't Underestimate God (Part 2):  Some of the nurses from the Ministry of Public Health who had been with us the first two days came back today.  What's the big deal?  They were volunteering today!  They loved what was happening and wanted to be part of the work.

Don't underestimate God (Part 3):  Four of the nurses from the Ministry of Public Health accepted Jesus into their heart today!  

Oh yeah, in other news we saw 133 patients today. Bringing our 3 day total to over 400 patients seen, hundreds prayed over, and many accepted the Lord into their life.  We interviewed a couple of the children from the Child Development Center (who just happen to be sponsored by people from Flint Central) and they were so thankful for the CDC and how God has blessed them.  We then interviewed Pastor Chevy from Espave in front of his house (that Alabaster funds purchased and our June 2015 team worked on), we haven't translated what he said yet, but I think in the five minute interview he said, "Thank you" one hundred times!  

Have you caught on that it has been a wonderful trip?  God is working in Panama!

Tomorrow is our last medical day. We are going to La Pesa.