Panama Medical Mission Day 3

Panama Medical Mission Day 3

Progresso Church

Good News:  Progresso Church has air conditioning

Bad News:  The power was out for the entire neighborhood

Good News:  The power came back on!

Bad News:  After the last patient was seen and the last song was sung (we sing a song at the end of the day at each of the clinics.)

Good News:  We planned on each doctor seeing about 25 patients a day.  (Yesterday we saw 105 patients.  Perfect!)

Bad News:  Our docs saw a few more than 25 each today.  We saw 179 patients today.  Wait that's not bad news... That's awesome!

Birthday News:  One of the members of the church celebrated her 60th birthday today.  We sang and the church presented her a birthday cake.  She had been praying for this day and praying for a Medical team to come to the church.  It was one of her best birthday's ever.  

What a difference a five days makes:  On Friday in the last 15 minutes before closing time the Ministry of Health gave permission to us to enter the country with the medicines.  Today, the Ministry of Health was so impressed by what has been happening they GAVE US more medicines (which is good because we were running low on some) and they promised to help us with lab work and provide more equipment on our next medical trip (Which is in September if you are wondering and thinking "What is the best thing I can do with a week of my life!").

What a difference an hour makes:  We were able to spend an hour at the beach ("la playa" for you Spanish speakers).  The Pacific Ocean was beautiful; the sound of waves crashing on shore and seeing everyone unwind after another rewarding, tiring, glorious day!

Tomorrow we will be at Espave-- the church where we worshipped on Sunday.