Panama Medical Mission Day 2

In January, a mission team from Flint Central worked at Playa Chiquita, and today we went back to this church built next to the city dump.  This is a church that ministers to those in extreme poverty.  

That's why it was such a joy to see doctors, college students, and everyone else ministering to these wonderful people.  

It was a bit chaotic as we were tried to figure out where the doctor's examining areas, the pharmacy, the nutrition areas, and the prayer station were going to be located.  But after a while, everyone found space and got to work.

We saw over 100 patients (at times it seemed like over 200).  All were treated with love and respect.  A lot received medications (Thanks to your generosity).  It was a long, hot, rewarding, beautiful day in Panama!  This evening two of our college students led our group devotion time with the passage from 2 Corinthians that reminds us "that the love of Christ compels us."  Truer words haven't been spoken!

Tomorrow we head to Progresso (the church, not the soup).