Panama Medical Mission Day 1


Panama (March 13, 2017)


What you know:  A group of 18 people took a step of faith and committed to go to Panama on a medical mission trip

What you may not know: There were 4 doctors, 1 nurse, 6 college students, 2 graduate students and 5 others with a variety of skills (I came in second place in the pinewood derby in the 2nd grade.  I might not be able to use those skills this week).


What you know: Up until the last minute we were uncertain if all the medicines that that we had purchased (thanks to the generous people of Central) would be allowed into the country.  Friday afternoon at 3:45 (the Department of Health office closed at 4PM) we received approval.

What you may not know:  Not one person was stopped at customs.  Not one bag checked.  (Paper work?  We don't need no stinkin' paperwork).  


What you know:  Two teams from Central Church, One team from Brighton, Michigan, and many people from the Espave worked hard to complete a Child Development Center that feeds and educates 100 different children every week.

What you may not know: The dedication Service was a time of great rejoicing!  (I preached from Nehemiah 12 just as Dr. Anthony was preaching from Nehemiah 12 at Central!).


Here's the best...


What you know:  Last March, our missions team did a one day medical clinic in Samaria, Panama.  While there, a young girl about 8 years old was diagnosed with a major heart ailment.  Left untreated, her life expectancy would have been greatly reduced.  Our docs insisted that she have a follow up with a Panamanian cardiologist.  We hoped (and prayed) that she would.

What you may not know: Today we heard that the little girl did see a cardiologist after we left, had surgery and is doing great!  


Last year, one life (at least) was forever changed.  This week, we will be seeing 150 patients a day for four days.  Only God knows the lives that will be impacted forever!  


What you know:  It's been a long, great day!

What you may not know:  I've got to get some sleep.  It's going to be a long great day tomorrow in Panama too!


Tune in tomorrow for another update from Panama!


Pastor Rob