Panama // GO Team 2 // Day 6

What a day.

I'm honestly not sure where to begin. Thursday was our last work day. Friday we get to do a little sightseeing and then get back early as we have a very early flight Saturday morning.

Our projects for the day were to mix the rest of the concrete, pour that concrete in the foundation trenches and the floor of Pastor Chevy's house, final work on the roof, staining the door to the house, continuing plaster work, playing with the kids, enjoying an Nazarene Compassionate kid program, and other finishing touches around the project sites.

God's presence was very apparent as we worked today. This week continued to just show us more and more of His grace and love through our family in Espave.

Today was harmony.

All throughout the day it was our team from Flint, those from Espave, and others who traveled in from surrounding areas working in complete harmony. There were not multiple teams working on multiple project sites. We were one family working together on building a heavenly kingdom.

All afternoon we could smell our dinner cooking. We were preparing for a community dinner and church service that night.

We took photos of 40 new kids to be sponsored for the CDC and all of the kids wanted photos with us.

That night we had church service in the front yard of Lucy's. We shared testimonies from the week. While it has been apparent all week, it became abundantly clear that God brought together His people, at this time, in this place for His purpose.

And moments like that are just indescribable.

We had a powerful message from Rev. Carlos De La Cruz. We also exchanged some gifts with one another - as well as many hugs and photos.

Then we sat down and shared a meal together. We gathered after a long week to break bread with our family and friends. We sat together laughing, sharing stories, taking more pictures, and reflecting with awe on the week God gave us.

This blog captures just a bit of what this trip is. We look forward to returning and sharing our stories with you!

- Pastor Josh