Panama // GO Team 2 // Day 3

Today we really got in the trenches and raised the roof.


That's exactly what we did: We dug a 12x20 trench and put the roof on Pastor Chevy's house.

The task before us was a large one. Our team broke out to take on the various projects at the site. Our trench team began the process of digging the trench for the new kitchen. We dug two feet deep into the earth and clay with the help of some friends from Pastor Chevy's home church. We formed quite the bond as we took turns braking up the dirt and clay and then digging it out.

On the same site, we broke up concrete to use as a pathway to Pastor Chevy's house. We formed many assembly lines of hauling concrete and cinder blocks across the sites.  We cleaned up around Pastor Chevy's house and cleared way for the path. We began to "raise the roof" (actually put the roof on).

We knocked out some painting and couldn't help but stop and play with the kids all throughout the day.

The harmony of our team and our brothers and sisters here is beyond description. The way God is moving and bringing us all together is awesome! Despite some gaps in our languages, we are forming friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!

At night we helped present the Jesus Film to the community. A number of kids, teens, and a mother and daughter came forward to accept Christ as their Savior. And we had the honor of praying with them. 

We have some team birthdays this week (Jen on Monday, Selina on Tuesday) so we capped the night off with some cake to celebrate! 

Thank you for your prayers, Flint Central! God is doing a great work here!

- Pastor Josh