Panama // GO Team 2 // Day 2

Sunday was our first full day in Panama.

And it was full! Full of church, Vacation Bible School, and a soccer sports camp. Most importantly it was a day of God pulling his church in Panama and Flint closer together.

We took part in a special Father's Day church gathering at Espave Church. Pastor Josh was able to preach with the help of a translator while some of our folks were able to share a special song in Spanish. We were also able to take part in Baby Dedications during the service. A few families asked if some of our team would stand with them as witnesses to raise their children in a Christ-like manner.

Thy kingdom come in Flint, in Panama - on earth - as it is in Heaven.

Some of the children of Espave Church presented a special song for us. The church was full of life and laughter. And we realized that rhythm is a spiritual gift we will need to work on for future trips :)

We at lunch together with some from the church. We visited an area of the neighborhood where driftwood arrives when the water levels are high. The neighbors take those pieces of driftwood, make their own piles, and burn them down for charcoal to sell. This is a main source of income for many of the families in the neighborhood.

Following lunch we prepared for Vacation Bible School. Our group went door to door in the neighborhood inviting families to VBS. The church was packed with children and their families for a puppet show about The Good Samaritan, making sock puppets and bracelets, and plenty of activities and games.

As we watched our team and kids alike laughing and playing and worshiping together the notion of "as it is in Heaven" became much more alive and real.

We capped off our day with some soccer with kids from the Child Development Center and a presentation of the salvation story with Evangeball. We also delivered a few One World Futbols - a specially designed soccer ball that is nearly indestructible for extreme wear and tear.

We forgot the score of the first game but we're pretty sure we won the second game. Jen scored the game tying goal and the momentum just couldn't be contained after that.

It has been an incredible first 24 hours here in Panama. Our team is in awe of the work God is doing here. We anticipate a great day of construction at Espave Church and the parsonage for Pastor Eusubio "Chevy."

Thank you for all of your prayers for this trip, our team, and all that is going on here in Panama. God is at work and we are excited to be a part of it!

- Pastor Josh