Panama // GO Team 1 // Day 2

This truly was the Lord's Day.  We attended Sunday service at the Samaria Church of the Nazarene.  The worship was real, authentic, alive.  Children, teens and adults were actively worshipping God with all they had.  Though we couldn't understand the language, we were one in heart as we worshipped together.  The church was completely full, not only with people, but God's presence.

Pastor Rob preached and the congregation responded in a beautiful way.  There were many who came forward to receive grace and healing from Christ.  One of our GO Team members, Kay, shared a powerful testimony of God's work in her life as well.  It was a great day.

We spent the afternoon visiting the Panama Canal and had dinner at the fish market in downtown Panama City.  We ate outdoors in the open-air fish market right on the water.  Not all of us are fish eaters so it was an adventure!

Tomorrow we begin the construction projects at the Samaria Church.  Please ask for God's blessing on our work and for protection as we serve.

- Pastor Andy