Panama // GO Team 1 // Day 3

When they say Panama is hot, they mean it is hot!  Work began at the church site early today.  Among other things, we carried hundreds of bricks, bags of sand, bags of rocks and bags of cement down the steep stairs to the Samaria Church of the Nazarene.  The church is a vibrant, growing church, full of children, that is making a difference in it's community.  They have outgrown their current sanctuary.  So the hundreds of bricks and bags of supplies will be used to enlarge the church.  It is hard work, in hot conditions, but our team thoroughly enjoyed serving alongside the folks from Samaria.

After a long work day, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for a very special evening meal.  We had the privilege of taking a group of orphans to Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.  We completely took over the restaurant and playplace there at KFC.  Our group had the chance to serve the girls dinner, to sit with them and talk with them.  We will be facilitating Vacation Bible School at their orphanage later this week.

What a joy it was to hear the girls laugh and see them play. It was interesting to watch the interaction between our group and the girls. The groups quickly bonded and, even though there is a language barrier, we sensed God brining our lives together. We anticipate a great time of VBS later this week.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer. Tomorrow our medical team will facilitate an all-day clinic and construction will continue at the church as well.

- Pastor Andy